About Junior Academy Mossel Bay


Junior Academy Mossel Bay was established in 2017 and is the youngest of the Junior Academy Group.

Situated in the Main Road of Mossel Bay it makes our Nursery School the ideal place for drop off and collection of our little ones. The drop off Zone entrance is on Kloof street, Mossel Bay. We have a spacious play area with a sandpit, jungle gym and a boat for our little ones to play on. And who else can say they can see the beach from their schools playground!

We take pride in what we do and our curriculum is age-appropriate and full of fun themes to prepare our little ones for their all-important “big school” years ahead! We take little ones from 3 months up to 6 year old (Grade R) and we are open Monday to Friday from 6:30 -17:30. We are open throughout the year, only closing on Public and Christmas Holidays.

We strive to create a loving, caring environment for our little ones to learn in, through play. There is a quote  “Play is the highest form of research” by Albert Einstein that sums up exactly what we believe in. Children learn through play and our teachers are passionate about creating exciting and fun lessons to get your little ones moving and thinking.

We provide nutritious home cooked meals for our little ones. Starting with porridge in the mornings and a fruit snack with juices at 10:00. After playing/Outside activities they get a cooked lunch at 12:00. We also give afternoon snacks of sandwiches, popcorn or cake with juice at 15:00. We also do exciting make and bake activities with our little ones on Fridays, where they get to make biscuits or decorate cupcakes!

We have special days where the little ones get to dress up as a Super Hero or come to school with their swimsuit for water day. Our teacher also have fun Friday activities planned each month. Where they teach, entertain our little ones with fun and exciting  puppet shows, showing then different experiments or getting messy with sensory activities. We love playing music and doing exercises to get the little ones dancing to the beat!

Feel free to pop by anytime to meet the Junior Academy Mossel Bay team and to view our lovely school . We can’t wait to meet you and would love for you and your little one to join our family